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making foot imprint

Get Custom Orthotics in Etobicoke or Pickering

Orthotics are custom-made foot supports and are prescribed to help patients realign their feet and lower extremities. They help control abnormalities in gait (pronation and supination) while improving overall function. Using orthotics daily can minimize symptoms, slow the progression of most mechanical problems and improve overall function.


In our office, a mould of the patient's feet is taken in a non-weight-bearing plaster cast. This will give us the arch height as well forefoot to rearfoot alignment.


There are 3 different types of orthotics:

  • Rigid: A rigid orthotic controls gait mechanics and foot motion. These are ideal for labourers.
  • Soft: This is an accommodative orthotic meant to shock absorb and offload pressure points that might be prone to abscesses. These are ideal for diabetic or arthritic patients.
  • Semi-Rigid: These provide enough support to control abnormalities in gait yet, are flexible enough to absorb shock. They are ideal for athletics.


1436 Royal York Rd, Suite 307

Etobicoke, ON, M9P 3A9

Main: 416-745-3338


1885 Glenanna Rd, Suite 210

Pickering, ON, L1V 6R6


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